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Why choose us?

  • Because our canned food for dogs is suitable for different breeds of dogs, and for all ages.
  • Because we are an approved and leading dog food manufacturer in Bulgaria.
  • Because our canned food for dogs is made from natural products – no preservatives, coloring agents, and stabilizers.
  • Because we offer competitive prices for dog foods
  • Because our foods for cats and dogs are made MAINLY of meat and meat products.
  • Because we offer a large range of canned foods for dogs and cats made in advanced technology and excellent quality.
  • Because we continuously increase our export of canned dog food from Bulgaria to countries in and out the European Union.
  • Because we only use products from certified suppliers.
  • Because we can produce “private labels” for our partners
  • Because our pet foods come in convenient packaging that will fully meet your needs.
  • Because we continuously strive to improve the quality of our products and the service to our partners.
  • Because as friends to pets we are personally responsible for the quality and safety of the foods for cats and dogs manufactured by us.


These and many more reasons make us the natural choice for manufacturer and supplier of foods for dogs and cats in Bulgaria.