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The company "GIVIS" Ltd. is one of the first companies who started producing canned food for pets in Bulgaria, ever since 1994. For more than 20 years we are assessed as stable and reliable partner of many clients all over Bulgaria and abroad. Gradually we became the leading producer of food for dogs and cats from Bulgaria. We have established successful cooperation with many of the zoo wholesalers in Bulgaria. They in turn, cleverly and aptly represent us to their partners - pet shops and grocery stores. We have created friendships and abroad! Our products may be encountered on the shelves in Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Georgia, Cyprus and Serbia.


We can boast with a broad portfolio of "private" brand food for dogs and cats. Our long-standing partners are companies with solid market share in the food for dogs trade. We can produce relatively small series of canned foods for dogs. We have flexible solutions for each and every partner. We can be easily located in Sofia. There is a customs house nearby which guarantees fast forwarding.


Let us introduce our products. We have developed twenty-one different recipes for canned dog foods. Starting from canned dog with ground meat, we go through various types of molded products and last but not least various bits and pieces of natural meat. Some Bulgarian manufacturers have tried to copy our products, but we believe that they have not managed to do something serious. Our know-how, observations, consultations with specialists in meat and veterinarians and last but not least the love of animals are the foundation of any dog food created by "GIVIS."